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Kinda sad because you and him can’t watch movies ... 25 days of NCT NCT NCT U NCT 127 NCT Dream WAYV nct 127 scenarios nct 127 imagines nct 127 blurbs nct 127 ...

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Read Taeyong x Reader (NCT 127/U) from the story NCT IMAGINES/SCENARIOS by Neon_Cake (Open Your Rice) with 13,561 reads. chenle, jeno, haechan. Thank You so mu...
This my first attempt at nct boyfriend and since I want to learn more about them I'm gonna try to do more for them. So if you want to read more click on my masterlist and enjoy thanks for reading. kpop scenrios nct scenarios nct nct 127 nct u teayong lee taeyong nct boyfriend sm rookies sm rookies scenario

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i find it so funny when people do this it's something i'd do out of nerves jeno blurb jeno blurbs nct nct dream nct 127 nct blurb nct blurbs nct scenarios nct drabbles nct u nct boyfriend nct au nct jeno lee jeno jeno lee nct dream reactions nct dream imagines nct reactions nct imagines nct imagine jeno imagines jeno imagine kpop kpop fanfic ...
Sibling Love. Admin Marie. A/N: Okay, so all the credits of this scenario go to @koreankollection. they wrote a headcanon about Taeyong as your older brother, and gt the inspiration to write this.You can find the original post here.Go check out their blog, their work is amazing and I love everything they write! Word Count: 1070 Summary: Just a scenario about you and your brother Taeyong's ...

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Best Friend Lucas• Highkey annoying lowkey cute. • ok let’s start. • You met him on the first day of high school over one ok rock. • You were walking over class minding your own business but it...

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Kihyun - Same with Wonho, Kihyun would be a little sad but the thought of adopting wouldn’t be so bad for him. You’d have to understand his want to raise a small family, and considering his actions toward children, I wouldn’t spend a second thought about Kihyun wanting a family of his own.
7, 19, 92, enemies to lovers AU for nct jaehyun!! :-) congrats on 1000 once again hehe 💓 -🌻

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everyones sad when you have to go back home but!! you all had fun and thats what counts ... nct dream nct 127 nct nct scenarios nct preferences nct dream scenarios ...

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7, 19, 92, enemies to lovers AU for nct jaehyun!! :-) congrats on 1000 once again hehe 💓 -🌻

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Aug 01, 2018 · Happy birthday to the nct’s a b s o l u t e l y fully capable Mark Lee ♡, one of the sweetest, goofiest, talented people I am lucky to know. Your sincere hard work and dedication to nct and happily being a part of all 3 subgroups is such an inspiration to us all.

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